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Following you will find the description and specification of our container equipment:


Minimum requirements for ConRail Container:

  • All containers comply with the standards for overall dimensions a corner castings
  • All containers exceed the minimum requirements for internal dimensions
  • Exposed timber is treated acording to Australian requirements (exception: 40’-Flats and -Platforms)

Reefer containers - General technical information:

  • Particularly for products requiring constant temperatures of degrees in Celsius above or below zero.
  • Allows for a controlled exchange of fresh air.
  • Walls build in sandwich construction with polyurethane foam. Floor with aluminum T grating as air channel.  Steel frame, exterior walls are made of aluminum or are steel coated; interior walls of stainless steel.
  • The cooling unit is a compression devise build in a compact design and fitted with air-cooled condenser. It switches automatically from cooling to heating (and the other way around) in the event a change of the outside temperature requires it.
  • Operating voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz, 32 ampere - plug, 5 poles, and plug-in ready delivery with 12m cable.
  • Permissible temperature adjustment from + 25/30C to - 25/30C standard special/
    deviating adjustment of temperatures upon request.
  • The set temperatures can be kept as long as the difference between outside and cargo
    temperature does not exceed 42C during the heating process and 65C during the
    cooling process.
  • Special structures/ conversions: for instance EX protection systems, air-conditioning, cooling and freezing as two-compartment container.
  • Customizations are additionally charged: door for deep-freeze room, illumination, strip doors, shelves
  • Acoustic emission in cooling mode: standard approx. 68.5 dB (A)
  • Current consumption: standard approx. 6.5 KW/h at 20`, approx. 8 KW/h at 40` cooling containers







Interior dimensiond,



Loading Hight

5,340 mm

2,200 mm

2,150 mm

11,540 mm

2,280 mm

2,110 mm

11,540 mm

2,280 mm

2,500 mm

Door opening,


Loading Hight

2,200 mm

2,200 mm

2,280 mm

2,200 mm

2,290 mm

2,560 mm



Max. loading

3,380 kg

20,620 kg

4,500 kg

25,980 kg’

4,700 kg

29,300 kg

Number of pallets
(1200 x 800) approx.



11 pieces

23 pieces

23 pieces

Insulation Thickness and Density
The interior dimensions / specifications of insulation depend on the series.


Side Wall



90,0 mm

61,0 mm

76,0 mm

137.5 75 mm

40-45 kg/m3

40-45 kg/m3

55-60 kg/m3

40-45 kg/m3

Downlaod Conrail .pdf

Download “Conrail Container Standards” file .pdf - click here

Download “Conrail General Specifications” file .pdf - click here

Download “Example of loading 20 DV Box” file .pdf - click here

Download “Example of loading 20 Reefer” file .pdf - click here

Download “Example of loading 40 DV Box” file .pdf - click here

Download “Example of loading 40 Reefer” file .pdf - click here

Download “Example of loading 45 Reefer” file .pdf - click here

Special containers:

Upon request, you will receive details by telephone or fax and you can
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